AfricaRaps – Episode 47 [#HiporchestraConcertEdition]

Welcome to the Hiporchestra Concert Africa Raps style. Get your eardrums ready for this one eh!
These are the symphony of musicians conducted by DJ Octave are Edna, Leach, e-Sam, Spillz, Nowizo, Ruyonga, Samukat, Atakora, Eminent, Kevin PY, Oluwatomi, Kingz Kid, C.I.T.T.Y, D-R Gooya, Reinny Ray, Nuel Triumph, Kelar Thrills, Last Days Fam, Kamlesh Kagaba, Courtney Antipas and Blessing of Yahweh (B.o.Y). God Loves You and may God Bless.
Check It Out: Listen
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