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Mary, in the early stages of pregnancy, went to stay with her relative Elizabeth who was six months pregnant with John. These women were separated by many years: Elizabeth was way past the menopause and Mary was a virgin teenager, yet God had done a miracle in each of them. Aged Elizabeth was carrying her old husband’s baby: it was God’s idea, even though Zechariah did not believe (and was struck dumb for his faithlessness). Yet, that punishment was a sign of God’s power and so he did sleep with his wife, who miraculously conceived (Luke 1:11-25).

But Elizabeth had faith in God. As Mary arrived, the Holy Spirit moved the baby John to jump and Elizabeth to speak prophetically about the identity of Mary’s child. What a great affirmation that must have been to Mary. There is no indication that her faith was deficient, but God provided sufficient signs that He was in control so that Mary’s faith would be sustained for the task ahead (including the crucifixion ordeal). Every episode was treasured (Luke 2:19), and the Holy Spirit used them to help her keep trusting the Son of God, and their Heavenly Father.HOLY SPIRIT I AVAIL MYSELF TO THEE FULLY USE ME!!!

Verse:Luke 1:39-45
Prayer:Dear Lord. Thank You for Your Word which teaches me how to worship and witness. Amen

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