“Go to the ant, thou sluggard consider her ways and be wise”

– Proverbs 6:6

Karl Marlantes, the author of Matterhorn, a novel based on his personal experiences in the Vietnam War, spent 35 years to be able to publish his novel. He wrote the manuscript six separate times yet many publishers rejected the work. Eventually he succeeded in publishing the work and New York Times declared it as “one of the most profound and devastating novels to ever come out of any war.‘’ Many youths drop out of school because they declare themselves failures, who can not make progress in life. But a wise youth would borrow a leaf from the life of Karl Marlantes who had a striking testimony of success because he shunned foolishness and laziness. If you fail today, it is because you unwisely refused to be passionate and determined to succeed in life. Failure is not the portion of a true child of God. Put your faith in God, work hard and you will surely overcome the monster, called failure. Success is yours!

Challenge: Be wise and shun foolishness and laziness
Prayer: Lord, make me wise and focused to overcome failure
Quote: Success is a product of determination
Further Reading: Ecclesiastes 9:10
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