“And when he was in affliction, he besought the LORD his God, and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers”

– 2 Chronicles 33:12

Manasseh was the son of righteous King Hezekiah, born within the extra 15 years of grace God gave to his father when he was sick near death. Young Manasseh succeeded his father at age of 12. He forsook the God of Israel and Hezekiah his father, and led the people of Judah into sin and oppressed the prophets who warned him of the consequences of sin. Some youths were born through prayers of the anointed ministers of God after their parents were childless for a very long time. As they grow they forsake the God of their parents. Is that your story? Manasseh was tortured because God forsook him in his stubbornness. When he realised that he was suffering for his sin, he repented and God pardoned him. God desires your worship. Surrender your life to him today.

Challenge: Have you forgotten God?
Prayer: I realise that I am nothing without your help; save me Lord.
Quote: God desires your worship.
Further Reading: 2 Chronicle 33:9 – 13.
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