Daily Devotion – SINCERE YOUTH

“But let your communication be Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil”
– Matthew 5:37

When you make promises to God or to your fellow man, you commit yourself. Unfortunately, most youths do not fulfill their promises either because they easily forget and are busy with other things, or because they keep shifting them. Whatever reason you give for not respecting your promises, God sees it as a mark of unfaithfulness. Such default pushes God and man not to rely on your words at other times, because you are seen as an insincere person. When you make a promise, be ready to pay the price, whatever it may cost you to fulfill it. Remember that every simple word you utter is as good as an oath. It is a sign of high integrity, if you are known as a young person of your words. Always think twice and through before you make any promise, because as the saying goes, “promise is a debt,” which you must redeem. To be on the safe side, always say less than you know, and once you have made any promise, pray God to help you fulfill it.

Challenge: God sees your failed promises as a mark of unfaithfulness.

Prayer: O Lord, help me to be faithful to my promises.

Quote: Always say less than you know

Further Reading: James 5:12.

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