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We live in an evil world, surrounded by people who have no time for Jesus. But there are times when the Holy Spirit will not allow the gospel to be defamed or ridiculed. No evil spirit can withstand the Name of Jesus and only by His authority will demons let go of their prey (Luke 10:17). There is a time to confront persistent, rebellious, unrepentant evil. Do not act impulsively, give enough time for the full situation to become clear; pray about it with mature believers and then submit the evil to Jesus’ authority.EVERY KNEE YA SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!!!

Verse:Acts 16:16-18
Prayer:Sovereign Lord. Please help me to recognise evil for what it is and who sponsors it; and give me the confidence to pray in faith and declare Your sovereignty, so that Your will is done and Your kingdom will come. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
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