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After the dramatic shipwreck, Paul, his travelling companions and the military escort spent the winter on Malta. The unpredictably strong winds made commercial shipping impossible until springtime. When the weather looked more settled, another ship from Alexandria, presumably carrying grain from Egypt (Acts 27:6,38), which over-wintered in Malta planned to go north to Italy. The centurion in charge of the prisoner party decided that it was time to move on towards Rome. But it would take some courage to go to sea again after the shipwreck.

Perhaps the superstitious soldiers and sailors were comforted to see that the ship had a double figurehead of Castor and Pollux, the mythical ‘sons’ of the seafarers’ guardian, Zeus. But Paul, Luke and Aristarchus had no such need. They trusted in the Lord, who promised that Paul would reach Rome to present the gospel of Christ Jesus to Caesar (Acts 27:23-24). So, they sailed north to Syracuse in Sicily and then a short hop to Rhegium on the ‘toe’ of Italy. They then sailed up the west coast to Puteoli, a safe commercial port for Rome (around that time some grain ships had sunk in Portus which was much closer to Rome).GOD’S DIVINE ORDER IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME,AMEN!!!

Verse:Acts 28:11-16
Prayer:Father God. Thank You for the fellowship You have provided within Your family. Forgive me when I have isolated myself from other believers.Amen

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