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After Peter had supported Paul and Barnabas by reflecting on his own gospel encounter with Cornelius, the Roman centurion, (Acts 15:7-11) the church in Jerusalem did well to listen in silence, and pray for discernment rather than to argue. The subject of their speech was their observation of what God had done. Although God had used them, they did not seek to glorify themselves, but the Lord. When they had finished, James (the half brother of Jesus – Galatians 1:19) spoke as the presiding elder to summarise the evidence, bring the Scripture to bear on the situation and give his opinion.BE THOU GLORIFIED IN ME O LORD!!!

Verse:Acts 15:12-18
Prayer:Sovereign Lord.Thank You for the witness of Your people through the centuries, who have held to Your Word and been guided by Your apostles. Amen

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