Every name they say have a meaning and story behind it, for Revy Highness the deep secrete behind her name is unveiled as we go deep into her life and music. The Afro-Pop Christian musician had a fun and awesome time growing up in Christian home, with a praying mother and parents serving as an example of Christianity to her.

She grew up in church and joined the choir by age five; Music really set her on the path of salvation she believes. Her stage name Revy highness was coined from the word Revelation and the HIGHNESS was simple drown from Revelation 5:10

“And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth”Revelation 5:10 KJV

According to her #RevyHighness it’s not just a name it’s a revelation! Revy’s music journey has been manned with an holy ghost speed, with her hit single ‘Prepaid’ from her debut album Agapao, topping the charts and rapidly becoming an anthem across in churches and campuses. And her Radio plays both in Africa and beyond gaining dominance on most Christian radio shows; her Prepaid video has also had more than 12 thousand views on YouTube. Revy’s success in the musical scene is mind blowing with Agapao album which was launched in Nigeria some few months back instantly making her a national favorite.


Here in Ghana on the musical show gh flava, Prepaid has consistently maintained number one on the Ghanaian sweet melodies music charts and song request and has also been having nonstop airplay on radio and TV stations across the nation and beyond. It has simply been from glory to glory Her album titled ‘Agapao’ is Greek word for brotherly love and this was derived from one of Dr Wealth’s messages where he highlighted that this kind of love is no more on a feeling basis but is based on obedience.

Where, you do what you ought to do and not walk by feeling says Revy. The album features 5 hot tracks such as Prepaid, Go Wild (ft. Kingzkid), No size, Believe and First Love. Songs on her album can be downloaded online on some selected social sites. Revy Highness happens to be the only female art at the moment on kingzkid’s tour to 15 Destinations on some selected High Schools and Colleges in Ghana ‘The Amplified tour 2016’.

Revy at the moment still looking forward to working some great art within the industry, according to her she is working with Perez on a track. But in future looks forward in working with Cwesi Oteng and Frank Edwards as she loves their works. She says five years from now she sees a whole revolution, more albums, mind blowing tours and new levels.

She wants to thank to all her fans for their unflinching love and support and asking them to keep their fingers crossed for more spirit filled music. So on this #REVYREADY note gets connected with her on all her social media links and get to download her music and get interactive:

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