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When we know what pleases God, faith does it. When we do not know, but God then tells us, faith obeys. When we get it wrong and the Lord corrects us, faith accepts the rebuke and humbly repents – then does what is right. Cain’s response of arrogance and pride brought condemnation. He was excluded from God’s family for ever (Genesis 4:10-12). Abel’s story spoke to the Hebrews who read the letter, and still speaks to us. We are all like one of those two men. Either we love the Lord and respond in faith to His Word, or we despise the Lord (even though we may participate in religious rituals) and earn His eternal exclusion order. So, if you know what is right: do it. If you have been rebuked: accept it and repent. If you are not sure, humbly ask the Lord to show you and then obey. Any other response brings misery in this life and eternal exclusion from God in the next.HELP ME O GOD TO DO IT!!!

Verse: Hebrews 11:4
Prayer: *Dear Lord, Help me to learn to live in faith. In Jesus’ Name.Amen*
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