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Paul had come to Jerusalem with his team (Acts 21:17). The Lord had already told him, and others, that he would face great difficulties and imprisonment for the sake of the gospel; and that he would take the message of Jesus to kings (Acts 9:15-16). But he did not know how God’s plan would be worked out (Acts 20:22-23). The elders in the Jerusalem church had advised him to take four Jesus-believing Jews to the temple and join them in purification rites – a demonstration that he was not condemning Jewish customs and hopefully refuting the lies which had been spread about his ministry (Acts 21:21-24).FULFILL ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!
Verse:Acts 21:25-26
Prayer:God of grace. Thank You for the humble example of Jesus and the apostles who chose to trust themselves to Your mercy and not be hostile to individuals.Amen

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