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Paul wanted the church to know that he was deeply concerned for them in their suffering, because he shared it. His apparent remoteness, while looking after other churches, did not mean that he had given up on them. But they must gain their comfort from the same fountain as he did, and Jesus did – from God the Father. The comfort we receive strengthens us to comfort others, encouraging others to seek the Lord. Paul’s hope for the Corinthian church was that they should follow his example of trusting the Lord through suffering, to receive His heart-satisfying strength.

Nobody enjoys suffering. It is how we react to it that matters. The troubles which come because of our faith in the Lord can only be comforted by Him: only He has the power to transform the outlook of our battered hearts. But, in times of suffering, we are at risk of being lured away from the truth of His Word by teachers offering us an easier way. They seem so sincere and their solutions seem so attractive, but hollow promises cannot bring true comfort. The way of Jesus and the apostles was through persecution and pain, but Father God sustained them through it. So, when troubles come, cry out to the Father of compassion and let the God of all comfort, comfort you.THEY ALL SHALL SIMPLY THE LORD’S WILL,PEACE BE STILL!!!
Verse:2 Corinthians 1:3-7
Prayer:Father of compassion. Please help me to trust Your compassionate character and ask You for the comfort which brings Your strength to the depth of my battered heart. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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