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Although many people refuse to honour Jesus, and even persecute His church, Jesus and His people never go away. However badly they are treated, nothing can make the church die and nobody can remove the potency of the gospel. The living Jesus is a dilemma for atheists and agnostics, for secularists and religionists. There is power in the gospel which cannot be put out by persecution. Christ’s eternal life is a problem for sinful power-seekers until they submit to Him, but when they do they are forgiven and welcomed by a pure love which will never let them go. It is the dilemma for your non-Christian friends and colleagues, and yet they should be intrigued by your life. Tell them the same gospel; it has the same power today.LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE UNTO THE WORLD!!!

Verse:Acts 25:18-22
Prayer:Father God. Please help me to worship You by living a Christ-filled life, confidently explaining the gospel to those who are crushed by the weight of their own proud rebellion against Jesus. In His Name. Amen
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