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When God is opening a new door or chapter in your life, He will not usually show you everything at the beginning. First He has to overcome your prejudices. He may move quickly, as with Peter, or slowly – but He always brings us to the point of action at just the right time. Obedience is then the route to growing in faith and enabling others to grow as well. It is important to know that people are not defined by their ethnic or religious background, their gender or social status. Everybody is defined ultimately by how they respond to Jesus and allow themselves to be moved by the Holy Spirit. So when God makes it clear that He wants to involve you in extending His kingdom in a way which is new to you, do not argue – simply obey.TRUST AND OBEY FOR THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!!!!
Verse:Acts 10:44-48
Prayer:Sovereign Lord,Please help me to be a good learner so that I can be more useful to You and a blessing to others. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
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