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If Jesus is considered to be a teacher, a prophet, a good example and a kind benefactor; almost nobody has a problem. But when Jesus is declared as the Messiah of Israel the Jews have a problem; when He is proclaimed as God, many religionists are alarmed. When He is described as the King of kings and Lord of lords, authorities are concerned; because He has been given all authority over everything and everybody. Deep within the human soul there is both a longing to know intimacy with God, and a fear of meeting Him. Our sinful nature does not want anybody to rule over us, and so we avoid Jesus the King. We choose our own ways to be safe and so we resist the embrace of the Saviour. That is why the world needs the gospel of a King who is love; of a God who will forgive. But the message of salvation and the gospel messengers are rejected: as Jesus was (John 1:10-11). That is the reality of living for Christ in a Christless world. But if we do not announce the Saviour, who will be saved (Romans 10:14-15)?THAT I WILL PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST JESUS TO ALL REGARDLESS,SO HELP ME GOD!!!
Verse:Acts 28:21-22
Prayer:Father God. Please help me to understand the world’s inner struggle with Jesus, and also its huge need of the only Person who can bring wholeness and forgiveness to sin-scarred hearts. In His Name. Amen.

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